Time management out of control!

Do you have time for life?

I have a confession to make, my daily planner needs to have more “me” time! For as long as I can remember managing my time has always been easy for me. It was not until college though that I began perfecting my system. Multi-tasking was then taken to a much higher level. Errands were organized to minimize travel time.

Even recreation time at the beach became infected with school assignments or web work. All this time management did not happen at once, but instead grew gradually into the behemoth it is today. While I am not ready to purge my entire system, I do feel that it is time for me to look for ways to trim down my to do list.

I know that I must have noticed this before, but simply ignored it. On the commutes to work (while thinking over my agenda for the day) I always seem to be in a rush getting to the office. To make this confusing, you need to know that I invariably leave extremely early EVERY day. This is not by accident. By leaving early I miss most of the morning traffic (saving time) and arrive at work early enough to take Continue reading

Life – EVERY life is precious!

Would you risk your life for others?

I was an hour away from finishing my shift when the call came in. We rushed to the fire and immediately set out evacuating each apartment. I rushed from room to room trying to save every life that I could. I had just cleared another family out when the roof above me suddenly collapsed and I lost my life.


photo credit: DUI via photopin (license)

I left for work this morning as I did every day before. My partner & I were responding Continue reading

Love conquers all!

Define Love…

There is no word in any language that is more powerful than love! It is the driving force behind all that is good and the target of everything evil. Love transcends languages, cultures and even species. We can instantly recognize love, but to define it requires a lot of thought and consideration.


photo credit: Best Friends via photopin (license)

Webster’s Dictionary defines love as a “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.” While this is a very well thought out attempt, it still does not encompass the full measure of love. Although an affection is present in love, it goes much deeper than that. Love is intertwined within our DNA such that we will search for love until we find it. You could also argue that even though love can blossom from kinship or from within one’s circle of friends, it can be formed from anywhere (and sometimes for not particular reason)! Even death does not completely squelch the power of love.

Perhaps the most obvious form of love is the romantic love that you witness between couples. Whether young or old, they revel in attaining the love of their “significant other”. This is more than a feeling–it is the missing piece to our own puzzle. Romantic love is by far not the only type of love. It can also be found in those sacrifices that parents make for their children. Love can also be witnessed by the acts of kindness shown to total strangers–like policeman who gave boots to the homeless man in the winter of 2012. It can also be witnessed through the actions that church members show in many ways towards countless people every day.

Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Father’s Day (like Mother’s Day) is more than just a day involving cards and an array of gifts. It is a day where love, honor, respect and fun is to be shared with your

dad. Families are the lifeblood of our society and it is the dedicated mothers and fathers who play a pivotal role in the success of their families. One cannot help but see the design God has for our families when it comes to mothers and fathers. By using the unique strengths and weaknesses of both the mother and the father, children have a better chance to learn balance as well as understanding of different perspectives. When either one of these parents are not Continue reading

American families are under siege!

Can anything be done to save our families?

The United States has always been known for its “American Exceptionalism.” For just over two centuries this has propelled us into being the envy of the world. Our society is known for accomplishing great things–not just nationally but worldwide. Just as Samson’s strength came from God (on the condition that he never cut his hair) God has blessed us because our nation and families have been devoted to Him. While we have never been perfect (and like Israel we have strayed from Him) God has

always protected us. Because of that commitment–other than Israel–no other nation has been blessed more by God than us. Just as Delilah tricked Samson, the United States is in danger of losing God’s blessings. It didn’t work out well for Samson and it won’t work out well for us either.

It could be argued that our nation has been under satanic attack since its inception; however, I believe that satan has targeted our nation because of our involvement in World War II. If you examine the occult foundations of Hitler and his Nazi movement, you cannot escape recognizing the sheer evil emanating from them. The world would be unrecognizable today had God not used our nation to end their reign of terror. In retaliation–and to insure that the United States doesn’t interfere again–satan is determined to separate our nation from God’s blessings. By destroying the American family Continue reading

Public Schools in America are Broken

Money is not what’s wrong with our public schools

With the extortion threat this past week by the federal government of withholding the funding for our public schools, we should examine the fruits of that funding. Just as in the “Godfather,” taking money from the government also comes with strings

attached. Even though the money was already “stolen” from the taxpayers–to have a portion of it returned to us, we are expected to bow down and be subservient to our puppet masters. This could open a whole long discussion on governmental overreach, but we will save that for a later post! What has happened in America’s public schools has had a debilitating effect on our society. What’s worse is that this has all been done deliberately!

It should be noted that America’s current focus on education is a farce aimed to fool the electorate. Statistics from last year show that the United States rank near the middle of the pack in math/sciences. Continue reading

Stop Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying, the new threat!

What do David Molak, Reid Adler and Jessica Cleland (and countless others) have in common? They are all teenagers who have committed suicide as a direct result of cyber bullying. While many of us faced our

own bullies growing up, we never had to take their punishment from the safety of our own homes. Children today are forced to deal with so many unnecessary pressures. This new one–cyber bullying–is especially cruel. It affords children no place where they can feel safe. Cruel messages can come to them on their phones, tablets or laptops regardless of where they are–even in the safety of their own bedroom. Unlike the bullying we faced, kids today may or may not know who their tormentor(s) are. What is even more devastating, these cyber bullies are able to dish out their misery in the anonymity that the Internet affords them. This Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day – Things I learned from my Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday (May  8th) my mind is filled with loving thoughts of my mother. Words just cannot express how blessed and thankful I am to have her as my Mom. Her unselfish acts of love and kindness have touched our family as well as countless people around us. There are so many things that I want to thank her for, that it is hard to determine where to start. My life has been shaped thanks in large part to the efforts of both my parents; however, since Sunday is Mother’s Day Mother's DayI’ll focus on her. There is no way I could ever list all the lessons I learned from my Mom, but Continue reading

Mother’s Day 2016

Get ready for Mother’s Day!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (May 8th) we should all take time to reflect on Mother'sthe importance of these very special ladies. In all honesty, our mothers should be recognized and honored every day of the year! Most of us can never begin to comprehend the full measure of love that our mothers had to endure just to bring us into this world. In fact, in today’s culture with abortion so readily accepted we should realize how easy it would be for us not to be here at all! We also most likely have no idea what sacrifices she made for her family and the well being of her children. This doesn’t even include the sleepless nights she spends worrying about how her children will survive in such a wicked world.

In 1914 the United States finally honored our mothers with an official holiday, thanks in large part to the years of dedication by Anna Jarvis. Unfortunately (and to the dismay of Ms. Jarvis) Mother’s Day became highly commercialized very quickly. Every year, as soon as Easter is Continue reading

Hymns are missing from Churches

Where did our hymns go?

hymnsWhile I am afflicted with nostalgic feelings, I also understand that (some) things must change and that we should adapt. One of the many things that my wife and I have in common is that we were both raised in “old” Southern Baptist Churches, and we both adore the hymns that we were raised on. In our search for a comparable Church in our new Continue reading