Stop Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying, the new threat!

What do David Molak, Reid Adler and Jessica Cleland (and countless others) have in common? They are all teenagers who have committed suicide as a direct result of cyber bullying. While many of us faced our

own bullies growing up, we never had to take their punishment from the safety of our own homes. Children today are forced to deal with so many unnecessary pressures. This new one–cyber bullying–is especially cruel. It affords children no place where they can feel safe. Cruel messages can come to them on their phones, tablets or laptops regardless of where they are–even in the safety of their own bedroom. Unlike the bullying we faced, kids today may or may not know who their tormentor(s) are. What is even more devastating, these cyber bullies are able to dish out their misery in the anonymity that the Internet affords them. This Continue reading

YouTube It’s more than entertainment

YouTube is a do-it-yourself resource!

Are you looking for a particular movie trailer? YouTube it! Are you looking to create a popular

musical playlist? YouTube it! Did you miss that campaign speech? YouTube it! While the inception of YouTube may have been to aid in any of the aforementioned issues, it has since evolved into an even more useful interface! This site is so powerful that depending on what you’re searching for online, your most helpful results will most likely be found on YouTube instead of Google! You can find free and “paid” movies in their entirety, how to do it projects, everything educational, online talk shows and much more on YouTube!

If you’re looking for a particular movie–especially old ones that might be harder to find on DVD, you might be Continue reading