Health Savings Accounts

Create your own health savings account!

Perhaps the biggest clue that the “affordable” care act had NOTHING to do with health care costs comes in the fact that health savings accounts are not promoted in any way, except for extinction. Health savings accounts are an affordable way to save up for medical expenses and have the advantage of allowing the taxpayer to deduct up to $3,350 (single) or $6650 (family) from their taxes. These accounts “roll over,” meaning it is NOT use it or lose it like in cafeteria/flexible spending plans! In essence, you are saving for future medical expenses while deducting all (or a large portion) of that savings from your income taxes at the end of the year.

The only downside to health savings accounts is that you must have a high-deductible insurance plan in order to qualify for it. Now, will someone please explain to me why it should matter what kind of insurance plan someone has in order to have one of these accounts? Maybe if you are on congress’s health care plan you don’t have to pay for anything, but even on the best of plans for the American public you will at least have to make a copay! Health Continue reading

Ranting about Student Loans

Student Loans equals highway robbery!

Having a college education has almost become a requirement in today’s world. LoansNearly every job seems to require a degree of some sort (Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate) and these degrees cost more and more money each year. Unfortunately many of us have incurred student loan debt as a result of chasing those degrees and have found ourselves running on a gerbil wheel trying to pay them off. While student loans do aid in helping responsible students take more classes and possibly graduate sooner, they become an albatross around our neck once we graduate. While I Continue reading

Chase Credit Card Reward

It PAYS to get the Chase Freedom Card!

Unlike our worthless government, we American citizens must live by our finances. Credit CardOur families can not simply ignore our bills, nor can we print money from thin air as our government does in order to cover our expenses. I must change the subject immediately though, the idiocy and uselessness of our idiots in Washington could cause me to break my only rule here. Anyway, this crappy economy has motivated many of us to look for interesting ways of making extra money. I wanted to share this $175 cash back deal from Chase Bank with you–and confirm that it worked well for me.

The way the deal works is that you apply for their Chase “Freedom” rewards card. If you spend $500 total within the first three months you will receive a $150 credit to your account. This is a relativelyContinue reading